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How to Advertise on

Advertising on

How it Works - is comprised of both Public and Private pages. You're on a Public page right now. Your ad will appear at random on the right hand side of the screen as shown on this page. Click your browsers refresh icon and watch the ads change each time you refresh. This gives each advertiser fair and equal opportunity to be included on

Ads appear on both Public and Private Pages. Private Pages can only be accessed by members of so when you get a click from a ShipLogs Member, you've got the attention of a very passionate boater!

When a visitor clicks on your ad, the click will be counted and the viewer will be directed to your website in a new tab or window.

There is no charge for clicks on the Public Pages. This is your bonus for advertising with

Private Pages - Members are required to logon with a password to gain access to the Private pages of this website. Our members are serious boaters and are great prospects for your boating related products and services.

Clicks from the Private pages are currently $2.50 each and are billed at the end of each month. You'll receive a report each month containing the zip code, date and time of each paid click.

Auto Lockout Feature - Don't worry about consecutive multiple clicks running up your bill. uses auto lockout technology so you'll only be charged once per session no matter how many times a member clicks your ad.